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French Food Producer Invests In A Fleet Of MasterMovers

French Food Producer Invests In A Fleet Of MasterMovers

A leading food producer has invested in improved employee safety by deploying MasterMover electric tugs across its many sites in France.

Sicarev runs a large network of plants throughout the country and is a major name in the national food market. As a responsible employer, finding a way to make life easier and safer was a top priority. Staff being asked to push and pull heavy storage containers and produce – all while trying to manoeuvre bumps, slopes and slippery floors – were exposed to the risk of aches, strains and slips.

An electric tug from MasterMover France was the answer. Designed to alleviate the challenges of manual handling, the machines are also robust and reliable – so ideal for the demands of the busy Sicarev sites.

A MasterMover TOW200 is now used to move lines of meat alongside a custom-built attachment to guide the racks into place, which was also supplied by the French team.

In total, Sicarev has 20 machines across all its sites. As well as the TOW200, there is a fleet of SmartMovers.

Joel Oddoux, Sicarev’s Group Environmental Safety Manager, said: “Moving storage containers such as roll cages and bins is sometimes difficult for the different operators due to their weights.

“Those operations can generate some risky situations including back pain and slips. We had to find handling assistance equipment that was easy to use, robust and efficient.

“After several tests and with the help of the MasterMover team, we found a device that met our requirements: very manoeuvrable, even with a heavy load, easy to use and is capable of adapting to all terrains such as climbs, bumps and slippery floors.

“In collaboration with MasterMover, we were able to deploy the tugs on many sites and after several months using them, we have received very good feedback from users.”

MasterMover offers a choice of machines for the food and beverage industry, from small tugs to bespoke solutions.

Meanwhile, there are a number of stainless-steel options to ensure the highest standards of compliance and hygiene throughout the production process.

If you would like to find out how MasterMover electric tug solutions can support your business, call 01335 30 10 30, email or get in touch.

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