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Entire Temporary Building Moved Easily With Tugs From MasterMover

By investing in two electric-operated pedestrian tugs, a UK-based manufacturer of modular, portable buildings has been able to improve its production flow and throughput, whilst also freeing up labour resources to focus on more value-added activities.

In addition, by using the MasterMover MT20 tugs rather than forklift trucks to manoeuvre the 6-8 tonne portable buildings around the factory floor, the company has significantly reduced the risk of workplace accidents and injuries to its employees. The tugs are also playing a vital role in supporting the plant’s recent change to a cellular manufacturing approach, by moving supply carts around the production areas, delivering materials and components to manufacturing cells.

The customer trialled the two MT20 tugs for three days, by which time it felt the units had more than proven themselves. A building can now be moved easily and quickly into each manufacturing cell just off the main production line, making life so much easier and safer for employees.

The customer justified the investment in the two tugs based on the labour savings it would make by using two people rather than three, as well as the benefits the tugs would provide in terms of a safer working environment. In addition, since using the tugs, the customer has been able to increase its production throughput by around 20 per cent, which is partly due to its new cellular manufacturing approach, which the tugs are a fundamental part of.

Temporary Building - MasterMover
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