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Motorised Tugs See Bakery Increase Productivity Ten Fold

Bakeries, especially those with a nationally recognised product, are hives of activity as one of mankind’s staple foodstuffs is mixed, baked, packed and delivered every hour of every day.

With manufacturing installations on this scale and with this level of activity, small changes can make a big impact on operations and big changes can make a huge difference. This is just what happened when a leading UK bakery started using a Master Pusher MP50 from MasterMover.

If you go into any supermarket, loaves of bread are more often than not arranged on stackable plastic trays. These trays are the lifeblood of bakery logistics, housing the loaves right up to the point they go into a shopping trolley. In the bakery in question, these trays, when full, are stacked on dollies and are then manhandled, three or four dollies at a time.

Thanks to the introduction of the MP50 from MasterMover, a single operator can now move up to 40 dollies at a time – a 10-fold increase in productivity. Moved within the confines of raised rails or buffers, the company is now able to load and unload these dollies containing the bread trays far quicker than ever before.

Alongside the obvious efficiency gains, worker safety has also been improved due to the weight of the trolleys now being handled by the MP50. When one considers the productivity gains, it is easy to see how the simple introduction of a more powerful and easier solution can make massive savings right from the outset.

Motorised Tugs - MasterMover
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