Stainless Steel 전기 터그 | MT20/800+ SS

로드를 최대로 이동합니다 8,000 kg

깨끗한 방 - MasterMover - MT20-800-SS

The MasterTug MT20/800+ SS is an 전기 터그 completed in a 316 급료 stainless steel chassis with a minimum IP44 protection. The 컴팩트 사이즈 and easy to use functions makes this 전기 터그 perfect for moving heavy loads 까지 8000 kg in areas with restricted space. The excellent performance in all working environments is due to the MasterTugs detailed designed and ability to gain traction from the coupling system. It's very effective, safe and easy to use making it perfect for any pharmaceutical or food business wanting to improve safety and efficiency using 전기 터그.

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  • 컴팩트 사이즈
  • 안전성 향상
  • 보상 청구 감소
  • 전동 보행식 터그
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