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New Machine Pusher Reduces Amount Of Manpower Required At Street Crane

Mastermover reaches new heights with streetcrane!

Mastermover reaches new heights with streetcrane!
Street Crane with more than 60 years experience in crane design and one of the world's Volume Crane and Hoist Manufacturers contacted MasterMover to solve a manual handing problem and to increase production efficiencies.

As a result labour intensive tasks can now be performed by one man!

Brian Wood, Works Manager for Street Crane quoted "MasterMover provided a ready made solution to a hazardous manual materials handling problem". The MasterPusher performed favourably in comparison with similar products solving a manual handling problem and increasing production efficiencies by reducing the amount of manpower required to perform arduous tasks.

The MasterPusher is the most efficient way of pushing wheeled loads. There are three models available in this range, with a pushing capacity of up to 64,000kg.

Used extensively in a wide variety of industrial sectors including railways, paper manufacturing, machinery installation, automotive, commercial vehicle, assembly lines, distribution and all materials handling. To solve your manual handling problems contact MasterMover International Limited Tel 0800 028 3455 or visit our website

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