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Electric Tow Tug Now Used To Transport One Tonne Cutting Tools At Egger

MasterMover solve health & Safety issue for Egger UK

MasterMover solve health & Safety issue for Egger UK
Egger UK, one of Europe’s leading wood-based panel manufacturers approached MasterMover to solve a Health & Safety problem at their site in Hexham. The operators at Egger were manually moving 1,000 kilogram cutting tools on trolleys in a confined area.

Andy Owen, Sales Director at MasterMover commented “Following an onsite evaluation we identified the space restrictions and proposed the use of the MT5/240. This proved an ideal solution because of its 90 degree turning capability and programmable speed settings”.

The MasterTug has 11 models in its range and is capable of pulling and pushing any wheeled or semi-wheeled loads from 50kg up to 30,000kg. This versatile machine transfers weight from the load using a manual or hydraulic mast to gain the necessary traction with a range of power capabilities.

“MasterMover were very helpful and understood the handling issues we had and provided a piece of equipment which solved our problems” commented Will Masterton Purchasing Manager at Egger UK

The manual handling problem at Egger was solved with a MasterTug which provided space controllability and stability in a confined area.

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