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Electric Tow Machine Is Just The Answer To Solve Manual Handling Issue For Amcor

Mastermover solve manual handling problem at Amcor

Mastermover solve manual handling problem at Amcor
Amcor Flexibles Camvac Ltd, a division one of the world's largest packaging companies, contacted MasterMover to solve a mechanical handling issue.

Operators were moving around large reels of plastic film used for producing metallised packaging for the food industry, weighing up to 1.5 tonnes, on barrows. This was causing a health and safety issue because of the distance they needed to be pushed between processes.

"We were very impressed with MasterMover's quick response and the demonstration of their MT3/240 and have purchased 3 of these machines. The back up and service has been very good. The MT3/240 enables our employees to move the reels over long distances with little effort, thus preventing potential long term injuries." quoted Bob Jarman, Engineering Manager.

There are 11 models in the MasterTug range. They are capable of pulling and pushing any wheeled or semi-wheeled loads from 50 kg up to 30,000 kg. This versatile machine transfers weight from the load using a manual or hydraulic mast to gain the necessary traction.

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Published : 09/08/2011

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