Construction and Mining Equipment


A key benefit for this sector is improving production flow which dramatically increases productivity. MasterMover provides a vital part in implementing methods such as Kaizen, lean manufacturing, kanban, continuous flow and Takt time. These cost effective solutions are being used by leading manufacturers across the globe which deliver significant returns for their investment.

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  • 通過半自動化的裝配線實現效率提升
  • 較少叉車投入,減少成本開支
  • 大幅減少人力搬運
  • 能夠準時準點地運送元件與物料
  • 安全搬運重物穿過擁擠的生產區域
  • 任何受過培訓的操作員均可使用,無需等待叉車或橋式起重機,顯著減少停工時間
  • 小巧體型,更好地適用於生產和倉儲空間
  • 優良的控制和機動性能以較少的人力更安全地搬運重物與大型負荷
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