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MT3/240 Power Tug Chosen By Sapa To Move Heavy Trolleys

MT3/240 Power Tug Chosen By Sapa To Move Heavy Trolleys

Sapa Building Systems is one of the UK’s leading replacement window, door and conservatory manufacturers supplying the building industry serving residential homes, public sector and commercial markets.

They urgently needed a materials handling solution to solve a Health & Safety issue. Employees were suffering from back ache and fingers were being trapped by manual pushing. Mark Olczak, Senior Production Engineer at Sapa enlisted the help of MasterMover to provide the solution with the purchase of two MT3/240 machines. Dominik Stosio, MasterMover Operator at Sapa quoted “I used to drag the heavy trolleys now I just push my finger and they move. It’s not tiring to use and very convenient”.

As well as solving the Health & Safety issue the MasterMover also increased production efficiencies by one person now able to do the job previously carried out by two employees. Mark Olczak, commented “ MasterMover were very efficient, flexible on the design side and provided great support in helping solve this important Health & Safety issue. By using the MasterMover it keeps personnel away from the forklifts another key safety issue”.

The MasterTug has 11 models in its range and is capable of pulling and pushing any wheeled or semi-wheeled load from 50kg up to 30,000kg. This versatile machine transfers weight from the load using a manual or hydraulic mast to gain the necessary traction with a range of power capabilities.

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