Power Steered Electric Tuggers

MasterMover’s power-steered range allows a single user to push, pull and effortlessly maneuver loads of up to 792,000 lbs using wireless technology.Achieve complete visibility with remote operation and smooth, efficient handling.

17,600 lbs

The PS800+ delivers effortless movement of loads weighing up to 17,600 lbs. With wireless remote control, the operator can make precision movements from a position that maximizes safety and load visibility.

  • Move loads safely and efficiently on castors up to 17,600 lbs
  • Wireless operation for better visibility
  • Hydraulic coupling securely connects to the load, while maintaining traction

The most powerful pedestrian operated electric tugger offered by MasterMover is the PS3000+ which is capable of moving loads on castors up to 66,000 lbs.

  • Complete wireless control
  • AC drive motor
  • One touch automatic coupling hydraulics

MultiLink Systems by MasterMover allows a single remote operator to simultaneously control up to 12 electric tuggers through a synchronized movement.

  • Complete wireless control
  • Multiple machines