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The Best Seats In The House With Mastermover

The Best Seats In The House With Mastermover

With the prospect of crowds once again returning, the ability to create a versatile space will allow education, sports and entertainment venues to adapt to a changing world. One such venue is a multi-purpose entertainment center in Australia, where flexibility and versatility are key requirements.

Audience Systems, a longstanding MasterMover Inc customer, recently supplied more than 1,200 seats as part of the arena’s refurbishment.

The UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of audience seating exports and installs its products across the globe – and it often needs a flexible moving solution to open, close and pull large-scale, retractable seating into position.

Without an electric tugger, units can be opened manually with pull handles. It’s a two-person task only suitable for smaller blocks of seating. Meanwhile, for larger units, a friction drive is often attached to the front of the seating and operated with a push-button hand controller.

For larger venues such as arenas and conference centres, where multiple large seating units have to be manoeuvred, a MasterMover Inc electric tugger is frequently recommended. Not only does it save the customer from paying for separate motors for each retractable unit, staff are able to simply move the tug from one unit to the next.

At the Australian venue, aMT400+ is making all the difference. With 35 individual event, conference, exhibition and meeting spaces, the centre has the capacity to cater for up to 5,000 people across three levels and offers a choice of flexible configurations.

A system of new retractable seating provided by Audience Systems includes mobile units which can be completely removed from the space, while others are recessed units which nest below the arena’s upper tiers when closed. The MT400+ is used to both open and close retractable units, and to move the closed mobile units to their storage location. It’s a quick, safe and efficient method – and means the center can quickly change and adapt, day and night.

The MasterTug range uses a hydraulic weight transfer system, allowing the machine to use the weight of the attached load to generate the traction needed move safely and efficiently. Compact yet still powerful, the machine takes the strain and removes the manual push and pull of moving heavy and awkward loads.

If you would like to find out how MasterMover electric tug solutions can support your business, call 980-263-2210, email [email protected] or get in touch.

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