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SmartMover improves staff safety in French meat processing plant

SmartMover improves staff safety in French meat processing plant

One of France’s largest meat processing companies has selected MasterMover electric tugs to improve efficiency throughout the plant and reduce physical labor among staff.

The company, which operates across the country, approached MasterMover to come up with a solution to improve the work of their employees in several areas of the production process.

Previously the team had to carry rolls of meat, cutting equipment and bins, as well as push meat on an aerial conveyor belt – a hard and physical activity for the workers.

MasterMover’s engineers developed a unique system to address the issue, using one type of SmartMover tugs with 4 different couplings to deliver an innovative solution throughout the manufacturing process.

The first electric tug, a SM100+ moves the rolls, while the second – another SM100+ – features a custom coupling to enable it to move Bac Cousin bins at the end of the production line. The third SM100+ SS connects to the Syspal Bin (Bac Europe) so they can be moved through the premises.

The fourth tug, a SM100 TOW, also includes a custom coupling to push large pieces of meat safely and efficiently.

Raphael Spalvieri of MasterMover SARL said: “We took the time to visit the premises and develop a solution to meet the exact needs of the client.

“The customer is very satisfied as they are now able to move the majority of loads on wheels around the processing facility.

“This would not have been possible without the help of our engineers in developing a solution to achieve this.”

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