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Slovakian manufacturer reduces costly delays with upgrade to MasterMover

Slovakian manufacturer reduces costly delays with upgrade to MasterMover

For a Slovakian train manufacturer, moving 11,000 lbs wheel sets on carts using a system of chains was proving problematic. When the chains broke, production came to a halt – leading to costly delays while repairs were carried out.

So, when the business decided to upgrade its production line in order to meet growing demand and move greater distances, managers were faced with a dilemma.

They could either extend the chain in the ground or look at a more reliable way to move the wheel sets.

After approaching SELS, MasterMover’s sales partners in Slovakia, it was decided to trial an All-Terrain Pusher ATP400. After an on-site demonstration, the manufacturer was so impressed that they placed an immediate order.

The ATP400 allows a single pedestrian operator to push and pull heavy wheeled loads with ease, thanks to a combination of power and traction. With a self-levelling support castor and a robust steel chassis, it is capable of withstanding the toughest of conditions and navigating less-than-perfect surfaces.

Now the pusher is being used to move heavy and awkward wheel sets 100 feet or more through the production halls, creating a process which is smoother, more efficient and with less potential for interruptions and accidents.

SELS Business Development Manager Petr Čermák is based in the Czech Republic but also covers Slovakia. He said: “I went to the site to give a demonstration and they liked it so much, they bought it right away. It’s been in the factory since June and they are very happy.

“The chain was breaking down before and could only complete a movement of 30 feet. When they wanted to extend the chain to cover 100 feet, they were worried about it not being reliable.

“With our machine, they have much more flexibility and reliability.”

MasterMover’s solutions are used by manufacturers and service centers across Europe to move heavy loads including locomotives, railroad trucks, railcars and wheeled carts.

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