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Improving processes at Warburtons Bakeries

Improving processes at Warburtons Bakeries

A custom MasterMover electric tug is moving bread with ease across Warburtons’ bakery in Scotland.

A MasterMover SM100 TOW has been selected with a special push plate to enable staff to push bread carts effortlessly across the site in Bellshill, Scotland.

Before the tug was introduced, long lines of bread carts were handled manually by the production team.

The opportunity was presented by MasterMover’s sales partner Safetrade 247 and to meet Warburtons’ exact needs, both companies shared their engineering expertise to produce a special push plate to link the electric tug with the carts safely and efficiently.

The end result is that, as well as removing manual handling on site, the new solution is also supporting productivity, with capacity being increased due to the ability to handle more carts.

Since its introduction, the SM100 TOW’s capability in moving safely and efficiently on site has led the Warburton’s team to place an order for another tug.

Martin Moore of Warburtons said: “The new machine is being used in the area where bread comes off the production line.

“The products are placed into different lines, ready for distribution based on postal regions.

“We’ve been really pleased with the results so far.”

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