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Detergent manufacturer chooses a cost-effective electric tugger from MasterMover

Detergent manufacturer chooses a cost-effective electric tugger from MasterMover

Two MasterMover SM100+ electric tuggers have played a key role in helping a well-known detergent manufacturer to introduce a new bin system to their manufacturing plant.

The 80-gallon bins are made of stainless steel, for use in clean room environments.

The manufacturer wanted a safe and efficient way to move the bins across the site from the production area to the waste and recycling center. Previously, the loads had been moved using large trays carried by hand.

Stainless steel adaptors would have been one option but the introduction of the two MasterMover machines has provided a more cost-effective solution.

With a button-operated hydraulic clamp for a safe and secure connection, the pedestrian operated SmartMovers are capable of moving up to 2,600 lbs loads, even on sloping floors and less-than-perfect surfaces.

Richard Salt, MasterMover UK Technical Sales Engineer, said: “It would have been expensive to add stainless steel adaptors to each bin.

“However, introducing the two MasterMover SM100+ machines has solved that issue.

“Instead, the electric tugs’ coupling systems grab the front wheels and move the bins around, removing the need for adaptors.”

MasterMover supplies machines for large-scale manufacturing plants and product development laboratories throughout the world. Our tugs are also available in stainless steel to ensure compliance with clean room standards.

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