Material Handling Equipment in Raleigh, NC

Material handling equipment

As a major hub of the construction, textile, and pharmaceutical industries, there is a great demand for industrial materials in Raleigh. These materials need to be moved around, stored, and distributed, and waste materials need to be removed after processing the incoming materials. Industrial materials tend to be bulky, heavy, and sometimes potentially hazardous, and require specific equipment for safe handling.

Forklift-free future

Many companies in Raleigh require equipment that can handle industrial materials. This category of equipment includes an assortment of devices designed to move, control, protect, and store materials in various ways in warehouses and holding facilities. A diverse range of industries and companies require similar types of equipment to handle their materials; however, at the same time, each company in Raleigh is unique and has specific equipment needs. In order to save money and streamline operations, it is important to invest in only the equipment that your company actually needs.

1. Storage and Handling Equipment

Storage and Handling Equipment

The simplest type of material handling equipment is the shelves and racks in a warehouse where materials are stored between shipments. These racks are often designed to use vertical space to hold more items. Pallet rack, mezzanines and shelving are also part of this category.

2. Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling Equipment

These are vehicles or equipment that move materials. Sometimes workers run them, and sometimes they are automatic. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) fall under both engineered systems and industrial material handling equipment.

3. Engineered Systems

Engineered Systems

This type of material handling equipment involves more complicated systems with multiple components, usually warehouse automation.

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs), conveyor belts and robotic delivery systems are some examples of automated systems that can make warehouses more efficient. They are automated systems that can move materials around production or a warehouse without workers having to.

This category of equipment is the most expensive, often incorporating elements from the other categories into wider more expansive systems. These systems require a lot of time and research before making an investment.

For this blog, we’re going to focus on Material Handling Equipment.

Types of Material Handling Equipment in Raleigh, NC

Many different types of equipment for handling industrial materials are in widespread use in Raleigh. There are three main types of equipment in common use: electric tuggers, pallet trucks, and forklifts.

Forklifts for Material Handling Equipment in Raleigh, NC

Forklifts for Material Handling in Raleigh

Everyone is familiar with the forklift. It is a small but powerful truck that has a forklift attached to its front. The truck is intended to be driven a short distance to the material to be moved, insert the forklift under the material, lift the material off the ground, drive it a short distance to somewhere else, and then either place it in a new location or load it into a truck for long-distance transport.

Forklifts can be powered by gasoline/diesel or by a rechargeable battery. Depending on their design, the operator sits or stands on the truck while driving it around. Forklifts are commonly used throughout many industries for transporting materials, parts, goods, products, and wastes.

Pros of forklifts:
• Can easily move pallets on level ground
• Good for loading trucks
• Can stack goods on shelving or on top of other goods
• Can lift and transport very heavy items

Cons of forklifts:
• They are large and require space to maneuver
• They are expensive ($25,000 and up)
• They require a licensed, specially trained driver to operate
• The rechargeable ones may not have voltage requirements compatible with older facilities
• The ones with combustion engines can fill warehouses with toxic fumes

Consider implementing an electric tugger into your operation.  It outperforms a forklift when comparing it to the cons.

Pallet Jacks for Material Handling Equipment in Raleigh, NC

Pallet Jacks in Raleigh, NC

A pallet jack is a small battery-powered lift device used to transport palleted goods. The operator walks while steering the jack. Its forklift is slid under the pallet, raised, and then the pallet jack is walked to the pallet's new location. A pallet jack can be considered a less expensive and less powerful version of a forklift.

Pros of pallet jacks:

• Able to move palleted goods for short distances
• Are small enough to be loaded onto a truck along with the materials for handling the materials at the final destination
• Generally inexpensive and can be operated by anyone after minimal training

Cons of pallet jacks:

• Require some manual handling of the materials during their operation, exposing the operator to some risk of injury
• Cannot lift loads greater than 5,500 pounds
• Can only handle palleted goods

Electric Tuggers in Raleigh, NC

An electric tugger is a battery-powered machine designed to move heavy loads. They come in different sizes and configurations that can be selected to meet the specific needs of different companies. Electric tuggers can move heavy loads around warehouses and factories and are ideal for material handling applications.

Pros of electric tuggers:

  • Can move heavy loads
  • Can move wheeled containers, roller containers, and loaded carts in tight spaces
  • Can transport waste bins and waste barrels
  • Can move loads up and down slopes

Compared to forklifts or pallet trucks, electric tuggers are:

  • Smaller and more compact
  • Less expensive
  • Require less space for maneuvering
  • Zero emissions, ideal for indoor use
  • Anyone can operate one after minimal training

Electric tuggers can accomplish all of the same tasks as forklifts and pallet trucks, and perform additional tasks as well. They are safer, more versatile, more maneuverable, and can more precisely place loads.

Popular Electric Tuggers Ranges in Raleigh, NC


Up to 4,400 lbs.

SmartMover range of electric tugs

Easily move wheeled loads weighing up to 4,400 lbs. with the SmartMover range.

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Up to 44,000 lbs.

MasterTow range of electric tow tugs

The MasterTow range of powerful, easy-to-use electric tow tugs, is ideally suited to towing loads weighing up to 44,000 lbs.

View the MasterTow


Up to 44,000 lbs.

MasterTug range of electric tuggers

The MasterTug range delivers unrivaled maneuverability when moving heavy-wheeled loads weighing up to 44,000 lbs.

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Stainless Steel

Up to 33,000 lbs.

Stainless Steel range of electric tuggers

The Stainless Steel range of electric tuggers delivers the same level of performance as our steel ranges but with the added benefit of seamlessly ...

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