Retail and Logistics

Greater control, safer working practices and less risk to employees.

In a busy retail and logistics environment, manual handling pressures can put a strain on staff, leading to lower productivity and an increased risk of accidents. Loaded roll cages can be difficult to maneuver – especially over longer distances, on uneven surfaces and around obstacles. Loading and unloading goods using a tail lift can also pose a danger to staff.

From distribution centers and warehouses to shops and retail units, our manual handling solutions reduce risk and provide complete control when moving goods in and out.

Our powerful yet compact SmartMover range is ideal for safely and securely transporting loads of up to 2,600 lb.

We also offer machines capable of moving multiple cages over large distances with ease and all-terrain electric tugs for tricky to negotiate surfaces. Additional options including remote-controlled operation for complete visibility.

We’re helping retail and logistics customers to move:

  • Roll cages
  • Picking carts
  • Nested clothing rails
  • Plastic product dollies

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  • Benefits For The Retail And Logistics Industry

    • Dramatic reduction in tail-lift delivery accidents
    • Safe movement of roll pallets up and down slopes and across uneven or broken surfaces
    • Huge productivity gains when moving empty nested cages
    • Reduce cage handling related injuries, sickness and compensation claims
    • Move multiple cages over large distances with ease
    • Reduces employee fatigue

    Retail and Logistics

    We’re reducing manual handling pressures in retail and logistics operations