Product by load weight

Whatever weight or size of wheeled load you want to move, MasterMover has the solution thanks to machines that are designed to take the strain and reduce risk.

Whether it’s a compact or heavy-duty machine, all our pedestrian-operated electric tugs are designed using the same guiding principle – to improve safety and efficiency when moving weights up to 360,000 kg even in the toughest and most challenging of environments.

up to 6,000kg

Our small but powerful compact machines are capable of handling loads of up to 6,000 kg.From versatile and flexible SmartMovers to our MasterTugs and MasterTows, we offer a range of solutions designed to meet your needs even in the most demanding of environments - inside or outside, on slopes and less-than-perfect surfaces.

up to 30,000 kg

Our performance range is designed to improve safety and efficiency when moving loads of up to 30,000 kg, allowing a single pedestrian user complete control and total manoeuvrability.Easy to use and operator friendly, just as other MasterMover machines, these solutions offer many benefits in a variety of applications and settings.

up to 360,000 kg

Performance Plus
MasterMover’s performance plus range of machines includes our PS3000+, our most powerful pedestrian electric tug to date.When linked together in a chain of 12 machines, the PS3000+ is capable of handling loads up to 360,000 kg.