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MasterMover Offer Wireless Control Option For Pedestrian Power Tugs

MasterMover Offer Wireless Control Option For Pedestrian Power Tugs

MasterMover has introduced wireless control technology to its electric tug range making them even more versatile and easy to operate.

In total, nine MasterMover machines can now be specified with the option of a remote control handset. This improves visibility as it allows the operator to stand to the side of the load, particularly important when dealing with complex manoeuvres or unwieldy loads. Similarly, it improves steering for operations that suit ‘hands-free’ control and moving loads in narrow or confined spaces.

Ease of use and the fact that you do not require a licence to operate make electric tugs ideal alternatives to forklifts or cranes in a variety of manufacturing environments, enabling a fluid and flexible approach to assembly line processes. With an increasing number of companies looking to create pedestrianised areas within the factory, electric tugs also offer significant safety advantages.

While standard controls are still available, the development of a wireless option provides operators with improved flexibility when moving heavy loads, as Andy Owen, Managing Director, explains:

“When using an electric tug control is everything, which is why we’ve enhanced that function by taking it to the next technological level. It’s a natural progression, and one in which users will reap the rewards, both in terms of convenience and, critically, safety.”

“This technological development is another milestone for MasterMover” Andy Owen continues. “We’re proud of our reputation for innovation and feel that by introducing this optional, advanced-control feature we’re further evolving not only our equipment but our customer-focused strategy.”

The wireless control option is available across a selection of the MasterTug range and also the new Bed Mover designed specifically for moving hospital beds.

MasterMover’s customer base includes major names in Aerospace, Automotive and other manufacturing sectors, all of whom can benefit from the introduction of the wireless control option.

“We have models to suit every working environment and assembly task, and the necessary manoeuvring of any component part, sub-assembly or finished product. Andy concludes, “Tugs can also be used in combination to further extend their capabilities, which means that whatever the size of load, the innovative design and control of MasterMover tugs make them the essential efficiency solution.”

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