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What is an electric tug?

Published on : 25/01/2021

The electric tug name “Electric tug” may be a term that is not familiar to everyone as these machines can […]

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Why do businesses use electric tugs?

Published on : 22/01/2021

As more companies look to make improvements in safety and efficiency, businesses across many different sectors are turning to MasterMover. […]

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Logistics Team Keep On Moving With A Little Help From Their Friends

Published on : 26/11/2020

The Logistics department at a specialist orthopaedic hospital in Shropshire are keeping supplies moving safely and efficiently with support from […]

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Moving Stories Summer 2020 – MasterMover Global News

Published on : 25/09/2020

Welcome to the latest edition of MovingStories, where we feature a selection of customers from across the globe, all benefiting […]

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Easing the aches and pains of life as a hospital porter

Published on : 25/11/2019

Sore backs and shoulders, strains and sprains are sometimes seen as an inevitable part of life as a hospital porter. […]

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SmartMover® SM100+ is sheets ahead at UK Midlands hospital

Published on : 05/11/2018

An East Midlands hospital is keeping laundry supplies moving with support from MasterMover. Fitted with a bespoke dual-purpose coupling, the […]

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MasterMover At The SHE Show North West 2014

Published on : 23/09/2014

MasterMover is showcasing its range of pedestrian electric tugs at one of the most widely recognised health and safety events […]

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Health And Safety Executive Endorses The Use Of Electric Tugs For Cost Saving In Hospitals

Published on : 05/08/2014

The benefits of electric tugs have been reinforced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) which has suggested that the […]

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