Articulated Lorry trailers

Improve safety, enhance the working environment, enable staged production processes

When space is at a premium, moving large and awkward loads can present challenges to safety and efficiency. Thanks to our innovative Trailer Moving Systems, manufacturers of articulated lorry trailers are benefitting from leaner, safer operations – even in the most congested of environments.

MasterMover’s robust and powerful Trailer Moving Systems allow a single pedestrian operator to move heavy and difficult loads of up to 20,000 kg with ease. The small footprint of our machines also means that warehouse and production space can be used much more effectively.

Let our fume-free, low-noise machines take the strain when it comes to transporting loads – instead of running engines which can result in noisy, polluted workplaces.

What’s more, with no more waiting for a forklift or licensed operator to become available, wasteful downtime and expenditure is reduced. Meanwhile, manufacturers are able to implement lean and efficient staged production processes, therefore saving time and money.

We’re helping manufacturing to move:

  • Trailers
  • Vehicle chassis
  • Tankers
  • Refrigerated trailers

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  • How MasterMover machines benefit manufacturers of articulated lorry trailers:

    • Safely allows a single pedestrian operator to move up to 20,000 kg
    • Reduces downtime by enabling any trained operator to move heavy and awkward loads
    • Improves the working environment by reducing fumes and noise
    • Increases efficiency through the implementation of staged production processes
    • Safe movement of loads through congested areas

    Articulated Lorry trailers

    Material handling excellence for manufacturers of articulated lorry trailers