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Maximise Your Aerospace Production Efficiency

Aerospace manufacturers from across the globe have trusted MasterMover’s electric tugs to provide confidence and total control over the movement of heavy, awkward and high-value production line components. We’re keeping manufacturing moving with our range of material handling solutions designed for the precise handling of aero engines, landing systems, winglets, fuselage, tooling, and much more.

Compared with traditional moving methods, our aerospace handling equipment unlock the benefits of maximum efficiency in a time-pressured and challenging environment. MasterMover electric tugs allow a single user to move even large components quickly and safely through a production environment and with an all-round view of surrounding obstacles.

Electric tugs in action

Watch how aerospace manufacturers use electric tugs to move heavy, high value and awkward loads with ease.

Our range of electric tow tugs enable the precise movement of essential components through a production line, achieved with speed, safety and maximum efficiency.


How electric tugs benefit the manufacturing process

  • Fast and precise movement of aero structure assemblies
  • Safe movement of 30,000kg by a single operator (up to 360,000kg utilising MultiLink Technology)
  • Smooth, controlled movements of mobile work platforms
  • Reduced risk of work-related manual handling injuries
  • Easy movement of work-in-progress between production stages
  • Remote controlled and autonomous electric tugs enhance manufacturing time and efficiency
  • Compact footprint and zero emission compared to other load moving methods
  • Outdoor and indoor use for efficient movement between buildings
  • High-quality chassis, built to last
MasterMover Aerospace Brochure
MasterMover Aerospace Brochure

Our range of Aerospace electric tugs & tows


Move loads up to 20,000kg

Our MasterTow range  of electric tow tugs provide powerful load moving solutions for loads of up to 20,000kg. A single operator can safely and securely connect to any load in seconds with a draw bar, towing eye, or ball hitch.

Capable of handling the toughest of environments, our machines can be used inside or outside, including on slopes and less than perfect surfaces.


Move loads up to 20,000kg

Our MasterTug range is designed for moving heavy or large wheeled loads from 2,000kg up to 20,000kg.

An automatic braking system, variable speed controls and compact size means this machine is ideal for moving loads in areas with restricted space, perfect for any aerospace manufacturer.


Move loads up to 30,000kg+

The most powerful pedestrian electric tug offered by MasterMover, the PowerSteered range allows a single user to push, pull and effortlessly manoeuvre loads of up to 30,000kg and beyond using MultiLink technology.

Other great benefits our PowerSteered range offer is auto coupling, self-adjusting hydraulic and weight transfer.


Move loads up to 30,000kg


Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) have the ability to be transformational when it comes to driving operational efficiency.

Featuring best-in-class navigation and safety technologies, AGVs remove the need for human operation, effortlessly manoeuvring loads of up to 30,000kg on time, every time.

Why aerospace leaders trust MasterMover

MasterMover is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric tugs. Aerospace leaders around the world trust us to be part of their manufacturing processes and operations. That gives us the knowledge and you the reassurance to help you choose the right product for your needs including:

  • Durability and high-quality that deliver time and time again 
  • Ability to deliver custom solutions and turnkey systems designed around existing systems and processes 
  • Compact and powerful machines delivering safe, precise movements of high-value loads 

We also offer an aftersales support service using regionally based technicians to give you complete peace of mind, wherever you are in the world, alongside certified operator training and service plans.

Who we work with

Your questions, answered

How do electric tugs connect to a load?

We offer a range of different coupling types and our electric tugs can connect to a variety of components, but we can create custom connections if needed too. MasterMover’s technical sales team will answer any questions you may have – they have years of experience working closely with aerospace companies worldwide.

What can your electric tugs move?

A MasterMover electric tug can pull, steer and turn a number of components through production stages including engines, winglets, staging and more.

Can electric tugs operate in different conditions?

Yes. MasterMover electric tugs can cope with rough terrain, indoors and outdoors and in wet or dry conditions. Moving loads between buildings, parts to line and more can be achieved with increased safety and efficiency.

What licence does an operator need?

You do not need a licence to use an electric tug.

An electric tug is the most appropriate method of moving wheeled loads. It does not lift the load clear of the ground and so does not come under the same regulations as a forklift truck. With a MasterMover machine, you no longer need to wait for the availability of a fork lift truck or overhead crane to move a load.

Want to learn more?

Download our ‘Guide to using electric tugs in the aerospace industry’
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What’s inside the brochure…

  • Example applications of electric tugs
  • The benefits of electric tugs
  • How loads can be moved with ease
  • Our product range
Aerospace brochure

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