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UK’s Leading Catering Company Invests In Manual Handling Solutions From MasterMover

UK’s Leading Catering Company Invests In Manual Handling Solutions From MasterMover

The UK’s leading catering company, Eurest Ltd, has invested in one of the UK’s leading compact materials handlers, the Smart Mover (SM60), to help catering staff avoid accident and injury at Google’s central London office, where it supplies the catering for the firm’s employees.

Ever conscious of the well being of employees and associates, Eurest’s health and safety staff recognised the risk of potential manual handling incidents from the unloading of loaded roll cages from truck tail lifts into the Google premises. With free breakfasts, lunches and snacks provided for all employees, the volume of food deliveries to the offices is frequent and the possibility of operator fatigue, in addition to potential accidents, was evident. The SM60 pedestrian operated roll cage mover, proved to be the ideal tool overcome the hazards for the operator, whilst at the same time bringing productivity benefits to the operation. Simple to use and with secondary braking features, the SM60 moves the load with easily and safely taking the effort of pushing and pulling away from the operator.

The machine features a unique coupling tool which clamps securely on to the base of the roll cage. This shifts the centre of gravity of the load from the top of the cage to the base – reversing the danger of the load toppling on to the operator. MasterMover® was able to modify the coupling system to suit the A Frame roll cage used by Eurest and this, combined with its compact overall dimensions, has proved it can manoeuvre effortlessly yet efficiently from the truck tail lift, along the narrow corridors and into the catering lift at the offices.

An unexpected side benefit is the reduction in time taken to unload the cages at the roadside, eliminating congestion outside the offices in busy Central London. A spokesman for Eurest commented; “The new machine has not only met our Health and Safety requirements in providing our employees with safer working methods, it has also led to quicker unloading times of the delivery vehicles parked outside our offices. Because the machine is easy to operate and we can train new staff in next to no time, we never have to keep the drivers waiting for staff to unload the roll cages.”

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