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Hydro Automotive Structures Add Equipment Mover To Their Fleet

Hydro Automotive Structures Add Equipment Mover To Their Fleet

MasterMover add to the Hydro Automotive fleet

Car chasis and body manufacturers Hydro Automotive Structures have recently taken delivery of another MasterMover to add to the fleet of tugs already in use at their Worcester plant.

Hydro Automotive contacted MasterMover after realising the efficiencies tug units had already brought to other parts of the business. In this instance they wanted to overcome the problem of moving heavy components. Before the arrival of the latest MasterTug unit, three operatives had pushed car bodies weighing over a tonne up an incline from stores to the work area with obvious Health & Safety issues. The company employs around 200 employees so it’s easy to see how the MasterTug will have a massive impact on efficiency for the company with only one employee needing to perform the operation with the MasterTug.

The machine has an optional flexible coupling with gas spring and coupling lock which enables it to negotiate the ramp with ease. Ian Price of Hydro said: The machine was brought in to improve the health and safety of our operatives when moving components around production which it does very well in addition to giving us better efficiency.

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