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A safe way to be efficient for steel fabrication process

A safe way to be efficient for steel fabrication process

A MasterMover electric tug is providing an innovative manufacturer of industrial dryers with a trusted method to easily move loads weighing up to 2,000 kg across its UK site.

Natgraph is Europe’s largest manufacturer of conveyorised dryers, which are used predominantly to dry surface coatings applied during the screen-printing process.

The company manufactures equipment to exacting and demanding production specifications, catering for clients including technical production and process engineers.

Natgraph were looking for a solution to reduce manual handling and improve efficiency for their on-site logistics.

After a free site evaluation, theMasterMover UK sales team specified an TOW200 would be the perfect choice to provide Natgraph with a safe and efficient solution capable of moving loads weighing up to a maximum of 2,000 kg in one manoeuvre.

The tug allows a single operator to move a load whilst taking the strain of the weight, eliminating the manual handling and the associated risks. It also allows Natgraph to be more efficient in their production process making moving loads quicker.

The TOW200 is able to attached to loads using a draw bar, towing eye or ball hitch fitting making it versatile piece of equipment around a production environment.

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