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New MasterTug Range Is Launched | Move Any Load

New MasterTug Range Is Launched | Move Any Load

MasterMover would like to announce the launch of 8 completely revamped MasterTug machines ensuring unrivalled capability to meet the materials handling needs of a variety of sectors.

Customers will get a first chance to see the new machines, which will be made available for sale immediately in the UK and German markets, at the upcoming LogiMAT show in Stuttgart. Global roll-out will follow.

MD Andy Owen explains,

“As a business, we’ve been building to this moment. By analysing the loads that our customers commonly move, we now ensure that for each there is an electric tug to match.”

The new MasterTug range comprises eight machines across four different sizes and supersedes the previous range of the same name. Loads on rails up to 60,000 kg will be moved.

“We believe no other company can offer the same breadth of capability.” Andy Owen adds.

MasterTugs bring proven benefits to production efficiency and factory safety, with an emphasis on helping industrial firms to achieve lean manufacturing processes. By providing such a broad range of tug equipment, MasterMover can give customers effective alternatives to their existing operational processes to improve manufacturing flow.

MasterTugs are designed to eliminate the need for expensive automated production lines and inflexible rails recessed into the factory floor. Using weight transfer to generate traction, MasterTugs enable a single pedestrian operator to manoeuvre loads with ease and control, even within environments that require transportation beyond the smooth factory floor.

Efficiency and safety are combined in a single solution – for example, multiple loads can be joined together and moved with less physical effort than it takes to manually move just one.

Andy again: “Whatever model of MasterTug is required, we will deliver reliability, performance, fitness for purpose and value for money.”

If you would like to know more about the new range or would like a FREE demonstration contact MasterMover today.

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