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13-Tonne Project Solution For Mongolia Engine Plant

13-Tonne Project Solution For Mongolia Engine Plant

A manufacturing customer in Mongolia is changing the way heavy engines are moved around its assembly and maintenance plant – and it’s all thanks to MasterMover.

Installing a turntable, making expensive adjustments to an existing system of overhead cranes or using a pallet jack were some of the load moving options initially considered and then ruled out.

Instead, bosses at the plant selected a MasterMover MT2000+ with bespoke trolley to move loads weighing up to 13,000 kg. After carefully examining the other possibilities – and looking at MasterMover’s successful presence in sister sites across the globe – they chose an electric tug solution for its superior flexibility, ease of handling and precision movement. Previously, two overhead cranes were used to place the engine on a trolley, which was then transported from a test cell area to a paint room – a movement of around 100 metres on rails.

However, one of the cranes was not aligning correctly with the test cell rails, creating a gap of 50cm and risking the safety of the employees who then stepped in to push the trolley into position. To address this, and to overcome the gap, managers firstly explored the possibility of adjusting the cranes but came to the conclusion that the existing equipment could not take further strain.

A pallet jack which would be used to move the trolley across the gap was briefly looked at but there was a limit to the weight that could be handled at any one time. Meanwhile, a turntable capable of moving the engine 90 degrees was rejected because it would be too disruptive, as well as raising the possibility of slips, trips and falls.

A MT2000+ was the answer, along with a specially designed, perfectly height adjusted trolley to precisely manoeuvre the engine to where it needed to be.

MasterMover’s Renee Ooi said: “A key requirement was that the trolley fit exactly and that the height was perfectly accurate. The team from Mongolia had visited a site in another country and had seen the factory there using a MasterMover tug for a similar application.

They soon realised the benefits our solution could offer when compared to other moving methods. No crane or rigging is needed, so it’s much safer and it provides stability and precision for high value engines. In addition, our solution is not fixed meaning that there is greater flexibility should the layout of the site change in the future, or if the customer decides to remove the rails altogether.

The fact that the team in Mongolia has sought us out and ultimately chosen our solution above all others is a sign of real trust and confidence in MasterMover handling solutions.”

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