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French Pizza Company Takes A Slice Out Of Production Time

French Pizza Company Takes A Slice Out Of Production Time

Food production lines need to comply with strict regulations to ensure the highest standards in quality are continuously observed. At the same time, manufacturers are under pressure to realise time savings and cost efficiencies wherever possible.

A well-known food company in the north of France wanted to achieve greater efficiency when making frozen pizzas and when moving large pieces of mobile equipment along the production line.

The equipment, which is used to put cheese on top of the pizzas, weighs around 4,500 kg and was previously moved by between four and five people.

It was heavy and difficult work and production would come to a standstill while the equipment was moved into place.

Now, a MasterMover MT600+ with bespoke coupling is able to move the machine easily and quickly. Just two members of staff are needed to complete the task, with less risk of injury and less time wasted.

Raphael Spalvieri, of our French division MasterMover SARL, said: “Our customer was really impressed and the people working on the production line were really happy with the solution too as it makes moving the load much easier. The additional members of staff who were previously needed to move the equipment can now concentrate on other tasks.

“It’s made the whole process more flexible and is saving the manufacturer a lot of time.

The MasterMover MT600+ is designed to allow a pedestrian operator to pull, push and steer a load weighing up to 6,000 kg and is a popular choice among food and beverage manufacturers across the globe.

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