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Powerful and safe electric tug for roll cages frees staff time

Powerful and safe electric tug for roll cages frees staff time

A custodial facility in the North West of England has made the move from transporting roll cages by hand to the power and safety of a SM100 electric tug.

Staff were wasting valuable time and resources by manually moving roll cages laden with goods across large areas of the site.

The solution was to use a SmartMover attached the roll cage, allowing goods to be moved easily and safely, even over sloping ground.

The SmartMover allows staff to move the roll cages more efficiently by connecting to the cages and providing the power to move the load across the facility making journey times quicker and only needing one person in charge.

Anthony Brown, of MasterMover, said: “Previously at the site, large A Frame roll cages were used to move items from ‘Goods In’ across the facility.

“These roll cages were moved by hand, but the arrival of the SM100 means one person can now do the job safely and have complete control over the manoeuvres.”

With a small footprint and load weight capacity of 1,200 kg, the SM100 powered tug is ideal for a wide-variety of uses, including multiple roll cages, linen cages and waste bins.

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