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Flexibility Is Key Driving Force For German Auto Manufacturer

Flexibility Is Key Driving Force For German Auto Manufacturer

Flexibility was a key driving force in the introduction of an electric tug to an automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturer in Germany.

The business, which supplies components to leading vehicle makers throughout Europe, wanted to set up a semi-automated production line but needed a way to transport trolleys containing large-scale moulds so that there would be no interruption to the new system of work.

To ensure a continuous flow of production, the 5,000 kg moulds would be simply moved into place, therefore creating a flexible and agile factory space that could adapt to changes in demand.

Still, moving the trolleys and moulds was no easy task.

Forklifts and overhead cranes were considered but these methods were ruled out. Managers were reluctant to raise expensive loads above ground level and did not want to create additional costly delays to production every time a trained operator was unavailable.

To solve the problem, and to further enhance the factory’s transition to semi-automation, MasterMover’s Markus Schubert specified two MT600+ machines.

MasterMover GmbH, our German division, is based between Olpe, centrally located between Dortmund and Frankfurt and around 70km from Cologne. The German team also handles enquiries, sales and servicing for customers in Austria and Switzerland.

Markus said: “Now our customer is able to move the mould without a forklift and crane attachment. There is a short time cycle, with no waiting around. Unlike a forklift or crane, the two MT600+ machines are immediately available. It’s safe, controlled and flexible.”

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