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Pharmaceutical Companies Use The Latest In Moving Equipment To Safely Move Chromatography Columns

The world's biggest pharmaceutical companies use the latest in compact handling technology to move chromatography columns.

Occupying a tiny 0.73m² , the MasterTug generates a huge amount of power; enough to move columns weighing up to 8000 KG. Naturally, safety is top of the agenda in the pharmaceutical industry and the MasterTug ticks the safety box in style. Its fine speed control and superb manoeuvrability enable lab workers to guide the sensitive columns and media into a precise position. What would have taken several lab staff a lot of pushing and shoving can now be done in an instant by just one person.

Having eliminated the manual handling aspect of column movement and made the process more efficient into the bargain, it won’t come as a surprise to learn that the MasterTug system has been approved for use by chromatography column manufacturers around the globe.

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Published : 01/08/2012

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