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Feeding Hungry Tourists at Hong Kong’s Walk Of Fame

Feeding Hungry Tourists at Hong Kong’s Walk Of Fame

Moving stalls laden with food can be an arduous job, especially when the ground is uneven, the trucks weigh up to 1.2 tonnes and there are inclines to navigate. So, when it came to feeding hungry tourists at Hong Kong’s answer to Hollywood, a solution that could reduce the burden of this previously labour-intensive process was exactly what was required.

The Avenue of Stars, which is modelled on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, is located in the busy Tsim Sha Tsui district. Following a site redesign and its reopening in early 2019, thousands of visitors have since flocked to the destination to stroll along the promenade and enjoy views of Hong Kong’s skyline.

However, moving heavy food trucks over rough terrain and negotiating a gradient of 10 degrees was no easy task – often involving several employees and putting them at risk of overexertion and injury.

The food team at Avenue of Stars chose one of MasterMover’s All Terrain machines for improved operator control when transporting weighty trucks around large numbers of pedestrians.

The ATT400+ is capable of moving up to 5,000 kg, and includes automatic braking and a high-performance hydraulic connection for a secure and unbreakable connection. In addition, the foam-filled puncture filled wheels are ideal for less-than-perfect surfaces.

Renee Ooi, of MasterMover, said: “What was taking several employees to move over can now be done by an individual. “This has an obvious benefit for the Avenue of Stars as a single operator is able to move heavy loads safely, therefore cutting down on costs and freeing up employees for more productive activities.”

The expert engineering team at MasterMover, based at our global headquarters in the UK, designs machines to suit the needs of our clients throughout Asia and around the world.

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