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Results Show Fornecedora Is MasterMover's Biggest Export Customer

MasterMover is celebrating growth in South America, following the results showing that our Brazilian distributor Fornecedora Industrial Ltd. (FIL) was our largest export customer in 2013.

The successful affiliation with FIL adds to an already significant list of international supplier relationships in countries as diverse as Russia, China, France and Australia where demand for tugs is consistently strong.

The venture with FIL – a company recognised as a leader in the distribution of industrial and materials handling solutions – has been developed to present FIL’s customers (in markets such as automotive, plant hire, power generation, aerospace and electrical industries, amongst others) with better options for manual handling.

FIL’s business manager, Almir Alves explains how the relationship came to fruition:

“Our introduction to MasterMover was most definitely customer driven,” he explains.

“We were approached by a client who had seen a MasterMover tug in Europe and was extremely impressed with its capabilities.

Demand for better handling machinery is on the increase in Brazil and our client hoped that we could supply a similar machine.

“As soon as we contacted MasterMover, the benefits of their manual handling equipment were clear and we decided to make it a priority to establish ourselves as a distributor in order to provide our customers with flexible and innovative options for moving goods.

“We have been reaping the rewards ever since because handling machinery of the standard MasterMover create is exactly what industrial companies in South America are looking for right now. It improves productivity, working conditions and efficiency, making it truly sought-after.”

Establishing itself as a MasterMover distributor has widened the scope for FIL, enabling them to appeal to more diverse market sectors and solve material handling issues that previously presented clients with both logistical and health and safety complications.

The relationship’s development has also created a superb opportunity for MasterMover to establish a presence in Brazil ahead of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics.

Andy Owen, Managing Director of MasterMover says more about the advantages of the relationship:

“Working in partnership with FIL has enabled us to establish a fruitful and rewarding link to the Brazilian market as well as companies within other South American countries.

“The number of MasterMover electric tugs which have been sold by FIL since our relationship began is growing all of the time. FIL has been our most successful distributor during 2013 which goes to show FIL’s expertise and enthusiasm for supporting its customers.

“At the same time, this success demonstrates increasing demand for high-quality materials handling equipment within this emerging economy. It’s an extremely positive outcome for MasterMover and we look forward to enjoying continued success with FIL.”

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Publicado : 25/03/2014

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