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Co-operative Set To Benefit From Increased Safety And Efficiency With New SmartMover Order

The Co-operative Food has extended its use of pedestrian electric tugs by confirming an order for SmartMovers to enable the safe and efficient movement of roll cages into convenience stores.

SmartMovers provide The Co-operative with a system that enables a single operator to move cages in compliance with local authority health & safety regulations. This has enabled the Co-operative to deploy the extra staff elsewhere thus improving efficiency. On the road, the Co-operative can now schedule deliveries based simply on the location of stores rather than by their handling requirements as previously. Optimal routing leads to a reduction in kilometres travelled and lower fuel costs.

MD Andy Owen explains, “pedestrian electric tugs were developed to allow single operators to move heavy loads. Safety is one obvious benefit in terms of reducing operator strain or preventing loaded roll cages from toppling, but the use of tugs also frees up employees for other duties and transporting multiple cages

Local authorities – which have responsibility for safety enforcement in convenience stores – have strict rules on what is acceptable. Every convenience store must undergo a risk assessment, which takes into account the environment where unloading takes place. The greater the distance between store and the vehicle parking area, the gradient of the road or the proximity of pedestrians can all affect the decision to enforce two-operator handling.

The SmartMover effectively acts as the second operator. It uses the weight of the load to generate traction making movement much easier. As such, it is recognised by local authorities as a means of permitting a single operator to move the roll cages.

According to Clare Maclauchlan, The Co-operative Food’s Logistics Service Transport Officer, “Each of our prospective operators received a SmartMover demonstration prior to training. They quickly bought into the concept and could see the benefits clearly, many suggesting other potential opportunity stores at which a SmartMover would alleviate issues.”

As a result of this project, The Co-operative has now purchased further SmartMovers for use in stores across the UK, all identified by their local authorities as high-risk.

“Following the success of the initial roll out further opportunities to improve efficiency were identified across the network and additional machines have been purchased”

explains Clare Maclauchlan.

Clare’s role means she regularly receives positive feedback from first-hand users of the MasterMover tugs. “Feedback from operators has predominantly been around the safety and ease of use of the SmartMovers. Due to the nature of our store’s high street locations, the compact size of the SmartMover is also a real advantage when warehouse space is at a premium.

“MasterMover have always been helpful and approachable in their dealings with The Co-operative. The company’s knowledge of our needs as a retailer, and the quality of training and aftersales, have been exceptional.”

If you would like to know more about the SmartMover SM100 or arrange a free demonstration contact MasterMover today.

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Published : 20/01/2014

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