Hanson Brick Use MasterMover Tug To Move Incredible Weights Into Kilns

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UK brick manufacturers Hanson Brick have added yet another two MasterMovers' to the fleet they are already using on other sites across the country. Hanson’s’ Ripley plant in Derbyshire took delivery of the MasterPushers on the recommendation of other sites. Prior to introducing the MasterPushers, Hanson had used a ride-on diesel tow tractor to push kiln carts into kilns. As these had become obsolete, a cleaner, safer alternative was required to move the 16 tonne loads through this part of the production process.

Hanson Works Manager Mark Finney contacted MasterMover after speaking to a colleague who was already realizing the benefits that the MasterMover products offer. Mark said ‘We had to find a cost effective pusher that offered improvements to Health & Safety and could give employees better control over load movement. The MasterMover met all our requirements and enabled better access to the confined areas of the factory.’

The MasterPusher moves wheeled loads up to 64 tonnes and is available as a pedestrian operated or radio controlled unit.

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Cart Mule - MasterMover
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