Materials Handling Solution Cuts Time To Move Chemical Mixing Vessels By Half

The chemicals industry relies heavily on precision dosing for the formulation of the compounds it creates. And, due to advances in modern process machinery, it also needs precision when it comes to moving and locating transportation and mixing vessels; some of which – due to the scale of production – can be extremely bulky and very heavy when fully loaded.

In one particular case, a leading adhesives manufacturer was moving and locating mixing vessels – weighing up to 2,000 kg each – by hand. As well as the sheer size and weight of the vessels (and their resultant momentum) the operators also had to contend with accurately locating them into the correct position within the target machines, so that the next phase of the process could begin. After the vessel had been emptied, the operators faced a slightly easier return journey from a weight perspective, but still faced a precision-location task at the other end.

MasterMover’s solution to this issue was to develop a custom vessel coupling for an MT3-240 Master Tug. With this materials handling solution, a single operator can now undertake the entire move-and-locate operation with the minimum of fuss and effort. Thanks to the custom coupling and the superb manoeuvrability of the MT3-240, the operation is now a 10 minute, one-man job compared to a 20 minute, two-man job.

As well as the obvious health and safety enhancements, the company has seen a 10-20% increase in productivity. Operators are also far less fatigued and they have superior control over the vessels and their braking. What is more, no adaptation of the machines or their methods was required, keeping disruption from the change of operation to a negligible level.

Chemical Mixing Vessels - MasterMover
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